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  • QCC-06 QC3.0 power bank
  • QCC-06 QC3.0 power bank
  • QCC-06 QC3.0 power bank
  • QCC-06 QC3.0 power bank
  • QCC-06 QC3.0 power bank
QCC-06 QC3.0 power bankQCC-06 QC3.0 power bankQCC-06 QC3.0 power bankQCC-06 QC3.0 power bankQCC-06 QC3.0 power bank

QCC-06 QC3.0 power bank

  • Product description: Model QCC-06 is QC3.0 fast charge power bank. build-in 8 pieces 18650 Li-polymer battery, real 20000mAh capacity high capacity, 4 power indicators, 2 USB output ports that can charge 2 devices at the
Manufacturer Statement 
New Belief Technology Co.,Ltd specialized in design, research, development, production and sales of Power Banks and Battery Chargers. We promise all batteries are 100% New Grade A Lithium Batteries, we never accept second-hand, refurbished or unknown batteries. Guided by the spirit of responsibility for the customers, we keep improving the product quality and strict management of production to ensure every product is qualified before leaving our factory.

Model QCC-06 is QC3.0 fast charge power bank. build-in 8 pieces 18650 Li-polymer battery, real 20000mAh capacity high capacity, 4 power indicators, 2 USB output ports that can charge 2 devices at the same time.  Our price is based on the real capacity of the power banks and we can customize the capacity for the power bank according customers requirement.

Product description:

This product is a light, delicate and widely used power bank. It is suitable for all kinds of mobile phones, iPad, MP3,MP4, PSP or other 5V digital electric devices.This power bank is providing a perfect power solution for staying home, traveling, camping or field operations.




Working Time

Non working state

Working Temperature



Working Humidity









Mechanical structure




Lithium battery


Battery Specification



Battery Number



Input voltage / current



Output voltage



Charging Time

More than 4 hours



More than 44.4Wh~77Wh



Mobile phones, tablets, 5V PSP, 5V cameras, MP3/4/5 etc…




















According to the QC3.0 uses the Intelligent Negotiation for Optimum VoltageInOV algorithm for the first time, which can realize the best power transmission at any time and maximize the efficiency. QC3.0 is known to charge a phone from 0% to 80% in about 35 minutes. It takes an hour and a half for traditional mobile terminals that without Quick Charge typically. 


QC3.0 VS QC2.0 VS QC1.0:


Compared with QC 2.0.

QC3.0 increases the speed of fast charging up to 27%, or reduces power loss up to 45%.


The charging speed of QC 3.0 is 2 times faster than QC1.0.

For charging voltage, QC 2.0 offers 5V / 9V / 12V charge voltage QC3.0, which takes 200mV increment as one file and offers flexible selection from 3.6V to 20V voltage. This will allow the phone to get the right voltage to meet the expected charge current, thereby minimizing power loss, improving charging efficiency and improving thermal performance.




Main Feature:

High speed current charging: This product build-in 2 USB ports, support 2A current, it can charge 2 devices at the same time.


High capacity batteries: Built in 20800mAh or higher capacity lithium battery, it can charge smart phones more than 5 times.


Safety Quality: This product has over-current protection, over charge/discharge protection, short-circuit protection to provide security for daily use.


High quality battery: This product use the high quality grade A batteries that from standard battery factories. The batteries have steady performance, it has no change within 500 times cycle charging.

High-end and beautiful: This product uses high quality PC materials, fashionable, delicate touch, smooth, and comfortable.

Company Information


How to quality control:
About the quality control for the power bank, we have strict test &inspect one by one before production , during production and after finished. The inspection including raw material checking( shell, battery, PCBA or all accessories ) , test each process during accembling( battery insulating tape fixing/ spot welding, PCB assembling, semi-product inspection) and finished product test( Charging/ discharging test, finished product visual inspection). Each product have been well tested and packed before shipping.


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